Vittorio Corsini (Cecina, 1956) since the 1980’s Vittorio’s work reflects on the concept of reality as a fabric of relationships, and on the idea of living in private and public spaces. His installations and sculptures question socialization in its different forms of expression; his projects give voice to the memory of communities. In two decades of intense activity, he has employed different materials such as steel, marble and blown glass, attributing new meanings to everyday objects.

Language is often at the centre of his work as a vector of social and emotional content.

Vittorio Corsini takes part to Art Bag Alphanumerico with a work in which the words “graffio dente uncino” (scratch, tooth, hook) have been cut into the paper, reflecting on the consequences of the word as a ‘profound exchange, even when it’s irrational: it can be an incendiary arrow, a gift or a caress, but, in any case, it stays, and its weight determines the destiny of relationships’. Vittorio Corsini lives and works between Milan and Tuscany.

Vittorio Corsini for  Art Bag Alphanumerico : GraffioDenteUncino, 2019.
Inkjet printing, in 40 copies with manual intervention signed and numbered from 1 to 40.

Vittorio Corsini, "GraffioDenteUncino", 2019