Vincenzo Marsiglia (Belvedere Marittimo (CS), 1972) is a multifaceted artist. The apparent dichotomy between the real and the virtual, tradition and innovation, is synthetized and visually composed in the total perception of his work, which is in constant redefinition. With a variety of expressive media, from ceramics to felt and silk to interactive video-installation, he seeks the public’s direct involvement to create emotional and perceptive situations. After experimenting with various modular possibilities of geometric elements in the field of abstract painting, he patented the “Marseille Unit”, his identifying logo.

This logo appears in Sol Op, the work he produced for Art Bag. It is a four-pointed star, a graphic symbol that the artist employs with different techniques and in various materials, used both as a stand-alone module and as part of whole compositions. In multimedia works and in dynamic environments, the four-pointed star appears as a digital texture. Vincenzo Marsiglia lives and works between Alassio (Savona) and Soncino (Cremona).

Vincenzo Marsiglia for  Art Bag Alphanumerico : Sol Op, 2018.
Inkjet printing, in 40 copies, signed and numbered from 1 to 40.

Vincenzo Marsiglia, "Sol Op", 2018