Orsina Pasa (Milan, 1987) After graduating in Fine Art at Middlesex University (London) in 2012, she lived in Beijing and New York. Her interest in the transformation of world’s megalopolis has led her to focus research on growth, economy and migration, elements that shape urban and demographic development. In her paintings, maps of cities or neighbourhoods in different continents, and statistical data related to their development, are reworked in geometric clusters or elements that recall organic growths. In recent works, the ecological theme appears both in relation to the urban environment and to the natural one.

In Cells, which she produced for  Art Bag, multiplying cells are superimposed on the text of the physicist Geoffrey West, who argued that the sustainability of a city can be predicted with equations, and that the growth of infrastructures develops like an organic, biological system. Orsina Pasa lives and works in London.


Orsina Pasa  for Art Bag Alphanumerico : Cells, 2018.
Ink-jet printing, in 40 signed and numbered copies from 1 to 40.

Orsina Pasa, "Cells", 2018