Luca Maria Patella. Since the 1960s, Luca Maria Patella (Rome, 1938) has been pioneering multimedia work, operating across a wide spectrum of conceptual and experimental languages. He has travelled extensively and lived abroad. Drawing from different sources that include poetry, psychoanalysis, semiotics and science, his art production ranges from graphics to photography, from artist’s books to the “film-opera” and performance. His pieces analyse verbal language and show its complexity by playing on the ambiguity of meanings, creating dichotomies and oxymorons through accent shifts and word scompositions.

Volaverunt 3 Luki is a collage / metaphor of the unconscious, and shows 3 Patellas flying over a night view of the mythical “Montefolle” (i.e. Montepulciano) that appears in many of his works. The phrase “I dare not to be” refers to the courage to face the unconscious; the short poem, to the relationship between conscience (Luca) and his dialectical unconscious (Rosa Foschi, multiple artist and Patella’s life companion) The colours yellow green, red and blue are those that Jung assigns to the psyche. Patella lives and works in Rome.


Luca Maria Patella for Art Bag Alphanumerico : Volaverunt 3 Luki, 2018 (from a photographic work dating 1970).
Ink-jet printing perfumed with Azacara, in 40 signed and numbered copies.

Luca Maria Patella, "Volaverunt 3 Luki", 2018