Lamberto Pignotti (Florence, 1926) is one of the seminal figures of international visual poetry. In 1944, he began his work as an essayist on criticism and current affairs, collaborating with important newspapers and magazines both in Italy and abroad, and with RAI (National Italian TV) programs. In the early 1960s, he conceived the first forms of visual poetry. Since 1971 he has lectured on avant-garde, mass-media and new-media relations, first as a professor at the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and then at the DAMS in Bologna. His work proceeds by relating signs and codes of different origins: linguistic, visual, aural, sensory and olfactory through happenings and performances, book -objects, poems to touch, to drink, to eat, and visual poems in form collage or intervention on news, fashion and advertising photos.

In the wake of the logical-iconic semiosis that distinguishes his visual production, Pignotti engages Art Bag enthusiasts in the difficult and stimulating task of deciphering its mysterious Crossword.

Lamberto Pignotti for  Art Bag Alphanumerico: Crossword, 2018.
Ink-jet printing, in 40 copies signed numbered from 1 to 40.

Lamberto Pignotti, "Cruciverba", 2018