Jacopo Prina (Milan, 1971). Jacopo graduated in industrial design at the Monza Institute of Art. From 1992 to 2002, he applied himself to artistic ceramics with his own workshop in San Sebastian, in the Basque Country. Since 2003 he has worked in the fields of painting, sculpture, installation and photography. He places at the centre of an eclectic practice the reflection on doing, on the emergence of form and on the reduction of the sign/image.  Through photography, or multi-material compositions with threads, scraps of paper, fabric and found objects, he constructs compositions in which graphic play and aesthetic sign contribute to polysemy.

Following the path of construction and deconstruction which he pursues with multiple materials and poetics, in Kelly Jacopo uses cuttings of illustrations from a sales catalogue of Masters’ paintings, whose fragments are recomposed forming a new design. The captions, left intact and legible, enter the graphic game as an aesthetic sign but also a desire to unveil the resurrected source in another form, and reference the whole system in which art is produced and consumed.

Kelly, 2018.

Jacopo Prinafor  Art Bag Alphanumerico: Kelly, 2018.
Inkjet printing, in 40 signed and numbered copies from 1 to 40.

Jacopo Prina, Kelly, 2018