An original collectible art magazine unique in its kind. Each issue contains signed and numbered limited editions art prints, a new way to possess unpublished works of artists of value at an affordable price.


The editorial staff’s long experience in the field of contemporary art ensures that the artists who participate in each edition of Art Bag are of proven artistic and market value.


With Art Bag discover the pleasure and excitement of surprise in collecting unpublished works of great contemporary artists.


Art Bag is a unique ‘surprise’ Art magazine, containing artists’ signed and numbered limited print editions. The magazine takes inspiration from collectible trading cards. Each copy contains only a limited number of the multiples by artists taking part to each issue of the magazine: you will know which once you open your envelope!
The only certainty is that you will find works by artists of value, and if you’re lucky even ‘unique pieces’ with artist’s manual interventions.



Art Bag was born from the passion of two art-players, Alessandra Alliata Nobili and Emiliano Zucchini, both with a solid experience in the field of contemporary art.
Alessandra Alliata Nobili

Alessandra Alliata Nobili

Milanese by birth, she has lived and worked between Italy and England until 2010, and then settled in Milan. She started working very young in the world of auction houses in London, Milan and Venice. Later she has been active in the same field as a journalist and historian of contemporary art, she has contributed to art publications both in Italy and abroad. In recent years she has curated exhibitions and events in the field of art and design.
Emiliano Zucchini

Emiliano Zucchini

Artist and Graphic Designer. His research deals with the topic of communication and image construction through different media, starting from the study of the analogical medium up to the most common and current means of digital communication (computer graphics, video, web, files, etc.). ..). He has exhibited both in Italy and abroad. His works are present in private collections and museums.


An original invitation to approach art and collecting while having fun. The presentation tour, which began in Rome at the end of 2016, is still underway, but already from issue 0 this innovative publishing project rightly has immediately aroused a great deal of interest from the public and the media. The idea, on the other hand, is really brilliant, in its simplicity.

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Recalling collectible trading stickers, each single copy is different from the other as it presents differently matched works of art in each envelope, and in fact the intention of its creators is to invite the public to exchange "duplicates" and ideally complete an album with all the artists involved. It is a unique editorial project, which intrigues and makes collecting accessible, awakening the pleasure of exchange and the emotion of discovery.

Portale web d'informazione e critica d'arte d'arte contemporanea

In barba a chi sostiene che l’editoria cartacea sia in via di sparizione. (...) L’idea di ArtBag è venuta a Emiliano Zucchini e Alessandra Alliata Nobili sul finire del 2016: fare una “rivista d’artista con multipli a sorpresa”. Il numero zero è uscito l’anno scorso, mentre un’uscita speciale, dal titolo Create Space, ha visto la luce in occasione dei Brera Design Days. Con una partnership d’eccezione: l’Unicef...


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Si propone come album di alcune tendenze contemporanee, liberate dal giudizio della parola. Una rivista muta, che parla con la forza delle sole immagini. (...) Mi piace particolarmente perché, grazie alla sua semplicità e autenticità, riesce a mettere in luce quell’aspetto ludico volutamente legato al caso e quella sensazione di scoperta caratteristica dell’arte.
The Art Post

The Art Post

Portale web d'informazione e critica d'arte moderna e contemporanea



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