Emilia Castioni graduated in Painting at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan in 2006, and later she specialized in photography at the CFP Bauer Institute in Milan. In her research, she combines the knowledge of painting with photographic technique. With a declared use of montage and staging, according to surrealist instances, her work presents situations balanced between dreamy and slightly nightmarish situations, rendered with the replication of characters, rhythms, patterns and colours, in which the mechanism of repetition becomes uncontrollable..

Emilia Castioni participates to Art Bag Alphanumeric with The code of an individual. The work reflects on the construction of the digital image, since the native file of these images is often accompanied by an alphanumeric code that registers each single modification. In the portrait, taken in a park in California, the silhouette of a man is digitally cropped and replaced with the writing of two alphanumeric codes of the xmp files, extrapolated from the image before and after the changes were made


Emilia Castioni for Art Bag Alphanumerico : The code of an individual, 2018.
Inkjet printing, in 40 signed copies and numbered 1 to 40.

Emilia Castioni, "l codice di un individuo", 2018