“Creating space means opening up new possibilities to direct the individual and collective vision in the most unexpected ways towards new areas of experience, pushing the dialectical values ​​of aesthetic involvement towards cognitive forms that never exclude human feeling. In this sense, works and operations must know how to arouse physical and mental energies aimed at developing the receptive capacities of the observer, amplifying in a synesthetic way critical awareness of social reality”.
Claudio Cerritelli


Twelve artists with Art Bag in favour of UNICEF

Create Space, a special issue, was conceived to support education and protection programs in favour of socially disadvantaged children. 70% of the money raised from the sale of this issue is destined to UNICEF: if you buy one or more copies of Art Bag Create Space, you contribute through UNICEF to protect children and to realize their dreams, giving them a chance to play and be creative.

All children have dreams, regardless of the situations they live in, and the way to achieve them goes often through passion and talent for an art. Learning by playing and creating has a positive impact on imagination and self-esteem and strengthens the sense of belonging to a community. In addition, education programs allow children to express with images, sounds or movements, what they cannot express in words, helping them to overcome traumatic experiences.

Artists taking part to this issue Create Space reflect on the theme of ‘space’, which is central to art history. The twelve artists / designers were invited to create or re-propose works inspired by concepts of ​​ physical, social, mental and interior ‘space’. Create Space is a project in favour of UNICEF created by the editorial staff of Art Bag, and in partnership with Brera Design Days and Asterisma, a non-profit association of social promotion and public art projects.

Participating artists: Alessandro Algardi, Renata Boero, Loris Cecchini, Ylbert Durishti, Ugo La Pietra, Isabella Mara, Elio Marchegiani, Pino Pinelli, Simone Racheli, Paolo Scirpa, Nicola Felice Torcoli.