ANTONIO D’AGOSTINO (Catanzaro 1938). Active since the late ’50s, he took part into the Fluxus movement, collaborating with many international artists. His research is focused both on painting, with the use of industrial materials, and on video-art, of which he is considered one of the international pioneers. Among his many exhibitions are: XXXVI Venice Biennale, Venice – Italy + Documenta5, Kassel – Germany in 1972; Cannes Film Festival, Cannes – France; Performance CAYC, Beaubourg of Paris – France in 1980 – It’s all done, Vostell Museum in Malpartida – Spain, 2007; The Esso collection, GNAM, Rome – Italy; Videozoom, Sala Uno, Rome, 2007; Biennial Fluxus, Auditorium of Rome – Italy, 2010.