(Sanremo, 1980) Painter, sculptor, draftsman, performer and composer of experimental music, Alessio De Girolamo, probes the meaning of reality through a syncretic research, cross-contaminating apparently incongruous fields of knowledge: painting and scientific research, music and chemistry, installation and biology. His refined aesthetic solutions suggest new reading angles. In 2015, he created the “Nn (Nomen nescio) system” a system overlapping sound and matter, based on the number 137 of the periodic table of the elements. This very particular and still mysterious number for mathematicians, unites critical areas of physics, relativity, electromagnetism and quantum mechanics, and is often the key to his work.

A tireless inventor of unconventional artistic languages, Alessio has recently undertaken a research on the epistemology of language, developing his own alphabet whose letters on a musical score are the subject of Incongruous Alphabet, which he produced for Art Bag Alphanumeric. Alessio De Girolamo lives and works in Milan.

Alessio De Girolamo  for Art Bag Alphanumerico : Incongruous Alphabet, 2018.
Inkjet printing, in 40 signed and numbered copies from 1 to 40.

Alessio de Girolamo, "Incongruous Alphabet", 2018