Art Bag is a unique ‘surprise’ Art magazine, containing artists’ prints, signed and numbered limited editions. The project takes its cue from collectible trading cards, and issued its first publication in 2016.

How does it work? For each issue, the editorial team invites a number of artists to produce an artwork on paper in A4 format, which is printed in limited editions. Each magazine is different: any copy contains only a limited number (3 or 5) of the multiples of artists taking part to each issue of the magazine.

Who is it for? Art Bag it’s an incitement to play with art, aimed at new as well as experienced collectors and art lovers. The magazine's goal is to propose quality and accessible collecting with a "plus": the surprise. It’s an invitation to devotees and followers of contemporary art trends to accept new suggestions, and to collect the work of well known and emerging artists of different genres and geographies.

Why collecting Art Bag? Art Bag is a rare opportunity for collecting art of quality. It is the equivalent of scouts for football: searching for talent in big stadiums as well as in the suburban fields, to inject flair in the game. Besides creating a direct thread between artists and collectors, Art Bag promotes the work of young and emerging artists putting them aside well known artists, established on the art market: for this reason it’s an instrument of culture, and an operation of social promotion, as part of the profit goes to charity organizations.

For all the reasons we have mentioned Art Bag and its artists represent the ZEITGEIST of our times. In this sense, the magazine is a form of 'happening', an open, collaborative and experimental situation, in which emerging artists are just as important as established or mature artist, because all together they return the pulse of contemporary art. Art Bag invites artists to create a temporary network, mixing generations, styles, subjects and media.